Thanks a ton Pawan Kalyan: Shiva Balaji

October 14th is the most memorable day in the life of Actor Shiva Balaji not because he was born on that particular day but none other than Pawan Kalyan celebrated his birthday this year.

Soon after Pawan Kalyan entered the sets of ‘Katamarayudu’, Siva Balaji stood up and wished him good morning. Even before PK could acknowledge it, Director Dolly informed him about Siva Balaji’s birthday. Soon Pawan placed his hands on Siva Balaji’s shoulders and commented, ‘Nee Kosam Emmanna Cheyyaloy!’. PK called the Production Chief and ordered a huge Black Forest cake. When Shiva Balaji asked if he can invite his wife Madhumathi, Pawan told him that his entire family is most welcome.

Shiva Balaji took to Facebook to share his bundle of joy: ‘After certain age in life, we won’t be as excited as Kids or teens about celebrating our birthdays… we just silently wish that it would be nice if certain things happen in life and wont even be able to express them out … Today is one such day , one such unexpressed wish came true… It happened, it just happened and when it finally happened I don’t even know how to express how I felt… Thanks a ton to Pawan Kalyan Garu for arranging the Birthday event and celebrations at Katamarayudu set and much more thanks for his time spent with my family…#PK #PSPK #Powerstar’.


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