Abhinetri Review

Cast- Prabhu Deva, Tamannah Bhatia, Sonu Sood

Director- A.L. Vijay

Music- Sajid- Wajid, G.V. Prakash Kumar

Production House- MVV Cinema and Kona Venkat Film Corporation

Producer- MVV Satyanarayana

Cinematography- Manush Nandan

Release date- Octover 7th 2016

Abhinetri is a horror comedy and is released in three languages simultaneously. The film raised huge expectations and impressed the audience with its trailer and teasers. The film released today in all three languages and let us see how well Abhinetri fared.


Prabhu Deva is a software employee and longs to marry a modern girl with English speaking ability. However, things take an ugly turn when he is forced to marry a village girl, who is exactly opposite of what he dreamed of. The couple starts living in Mumbai in an apartment and Prabhu Deva is so embarrassed about his wife that he doesn’t even reveal his marital status. Strange things start to happen in the apartment and they later find out that the place is haunted. Tamannah is possessed by the soul of an actress who dreams to make it big in the industry and becomes a star, acts opposite Sonu Sood. How Prabhu Deva solves the mystery and how Tamannah adaps herself is the gist of the story.

Artists Performances

The film has equal importance to horror and comedy and does justice to both. Tamannah delivered probably what can be called one of her career’s best performances in this film. She is the saving grace in this film and lives her characters to the best along with mind numbing dance performances on screen. She is seen as a typical village girl and as a possessed ultra glamorous star actress, both contrasting characters played with ease and grace by Tamannah. Prabhu Deva excels in his performance as the troubled and worried husband, who portrays all kinds of emotions with ease. His dance moves mesmerize the audience. Sonu Sood plays the character of a star hero, who gives a new dimension to the story with his appearance.

Technical Departments

A.L. Vijay attempted a great feat of making the film simultaneously in three languages. A horror comedy genre, the film surely impresses audience with great comedy. The music is gripping and attracts audience’s attention and the great dance on screen brings life to the songs. Production values are high and one can see that they haven’t been compromised anywhere. The film looks visually rich and a treat to watch. Cinematography is at its best. Graphic works seemed good enough. However, editing could have been worked upon as few scenes seemed stretched beyond necessity. The movie failed to have enough dose of horror and relied upon comedy rather. Director seemed to have lost grip on the story at few intervals in the film, where the film went haywire. But it is a difficult attempt done by Vijay.

Gold (+)

Tamannah’s Peformance

Prabhu Deva

Dance Numbers

Rold Gold (-)

More Comedy, Less Horror

Predictable story

On the whole, the film is a great watch owing to the performances and dance by the lead actors. It is just another horror comedy film, but with a graceful cast and top notch performances.

Cinemachikky Rating- 3/5

An Entertaining horror comedy!



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